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FINAE is a financial institution that grants student loans to young Mexicans who are the base of the pyramid and want to study a bachelor's degree or a postgraduate course in any of the universities within the Mexican Republic that have an agreement with us. We have designed student loan products that suit the market needs. We are trying to have a social impact on Mexico.

Quality education is an investment, because it not only increases the income percentage of the professional and improves his quality of life and that of his family, but it also fosters the development of the country and its regional stability.

FINAE is committed to the Mexican society. In order for it to continue leading the college funding market, it has set a variety of strategic alliances. It has already won international recognition from organizations such as B Corp, as well as the support from institutions such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), among others.

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FINAE is aimed at combining the creation of value for our society with the creation of a financial value for our investors.

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Our student loan plans allow the universities to generate, keep, and regain college tuitions. Learn about the requirements to sign a cooperation agreement with FINAE.

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We have funding schemes for young people who want to study a bachelor's degree or a postgraduate course and pay monthly while they study and during their first years as professionals.

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Learn how you can help your children pay for their higher education, allowing them to be responsible for it and to start building a credit history.