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Through our university payment plans, parents (or any third person that fulfills the requirements) may be joint obligors of their children's student loan by means of a expeditious and simple procedure. With our funding schemes covering 100% of the tuitions and registration fees throughout college studies and with affordable fixed payments, this investment in the education of your children will stop being a financial burden. The above is due to the fact that the payment term is extended twice as much as the period financed.

The resources destined to pay for college tuitions will neither mean a drop in the quality of life of your family, nor the sacrifice of other needs or even the education of your other children.

With these payment plans, families will not face a financial barrier to allow their children to study a college degree. The economical, professional, and personal benefits are tangible. For instance, in Mexico a professional earns on average 74% more than a person with high-school studies.

Education is still the best financial asset that a person may have in life. FINAE, helps Mexican young people and their families put into practice such an investment by materializing their dreams.

Requirements for being Joint Obligor or Co-accredited of a Student.

In this video, addressed to parents, we try to make them aware of the importance of saving money. This is achieved when we are able to lighten the burden of our children's college studies through a student loan. It will help them become responsible and parents will be able to save to enjoy their retirement.