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Our funding schemes for higher education are designed to cover tuitions in monthly payments which are lower than a regular tuition in a term that is twice as the financed period.

With the financing options that FINAE, offers, 100% of the cost of college or postgraduate courses can be covered in a high-quality and renowned private university in a certain period of time.

The payment scheme distributes the cost of tuitions throughout the duration of college studies and the first years of professional life.

We have funding schemes adapted to the students needs:

ennti: Fixed payment scheme during the first stage (as a student) and in the second (as a professional) will have an annual increment of 12% up to the last payment of the credit.
ennti Siempre: Fixed payment scheme that will allow the student to be sure that, notwithstanding future increases in tuition or inflation, the payments will be the same throughout all the life of the loan.
Crédito FINAE: In this funding method the accredited pays interests during the study part, and pays capital and interest over unpaid balances up to payment settlement on the repayment stage.

Here is the story of the Aguilar Coronado family, who are a great example of union and support. When their financial situation faced adversity, they closed ranks, started their own business, and came to ennti. Today, Daphne has already finished her professional studies while Daniel is still studying. Thanks to ennti, they could achieve their dream of being professionals and their family could move forward.