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FINAE believes in young Mexicans and provides them with financing options to help them transform their future as professionals. Our programs are valuable and beneficial for the universities, because they allow them to: generate, keep, and regain college tuitions.

The impact on the family economy is alleviated through a student loan. The only possibility to pay for college studies of one or more children is generated. Additionally, a bigger commitment with the school performance is achieved by making the students responsible for their education. In the long term, it helps them become better aspirants when facing the employment market.

The partner institutions play an important role in the selling process and its creation. For this reason, once the suitable program is selected for a particular market, a cooperation agreement in which the terms and conditions are established is entered into. This agreement formalizes and guarantees seriousness to a program of such a kind.

In the end, we all have a common goal: "To have more Mexican graduated students from the universities" as a way to help our country improve the quality of life that families have.

We are an excellent ally of the universities and the best option for them and their students, due to the advantages and benefits that we offer.

Generating tuitions FINAE

Generating tuitions

Thanks to FINAE, thousands of students have achieved their goal of studying a college degree in Mexico, because we have supported more than 13,000 students through our funding schemes which allow them to reduce the amounts they have to pay to the universities.

Lots of students throughout the country are waiting for an opportunity just like this one and most of them don't even imagine these options exist. Together, we can help these young people finish their higher education.

Keeping tuitions FINAE

Keeping tuitions

FINAE's credits help reduce drop-out figures because the funding schemes we offer help families with economic issues keep their children studying college by making monthly payments which are way lower than regular tuitions.

Regain tuitions FINAE

Regain tuitions

Our funding schemes may include up to one debit term. In this way, families do not have to pay large amounts of money and universities recover the total amount. Thus, we support the students so that they are able to resume their studies without interrupting them and collaborate with the universities to reduce their past-due portfolio.